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Agile Vocalist is a blog and podcast about sound and the work of sound creators. It is for anyone willing to give themselves space to be curious, creative, and to explore the connection between sound and our humanity. 

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England’s Angel for Gospel Music with Opal Louis Nations

Opal Louis Nations is a British singer, author, illustrator and passionate fan of American gospel music. In this podcast he shares decades of wisdom promoting and supporting the gospel (soul music). Listen for the history of the African American experience you may not know.

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Making Music Together via the Internet with Brian Walker

Making Music Together via the Internet with Brian Walker

How do you make music together in a global pandemic? JackTrip technology has existed for nearly 20 years and has finally found its time, thanks to the global pandemic, for musicians, singers and anyone collaborating together to rehearse and perform via the internet.

Virtual Music for People Who Are Dying with Jennifer Hollis

Virtual Music for People Who Are Dying with Jennifer Hollis

How music thanatology can be effective both at the beside of dying patients as well as in person. Harp lady Jennifer Hollis shares her wisdom and and insights on the labor of saying goodbye to loved ones and the deep work escalating mortality from Covid has put the world through in the past year.

An Art to Comfort the Dying with Jennifer Hollis

An Art to Comfort the Dying with Jennifer Hollis

Music thanatology is a little known field where harp and vocal music are played at the bedside of dying patients. In this interview with harp lady, Jennifer Hollis she shares highlights of her career as a music thanatologist and insights about the power of music on our bodies.

Announcing the Agile Vocalist Fall Season

Sound artists that create for dance floors, refugee camps, on trapeze, on stage at tech conferences, and in clubs in the early ’60s is where these Fall 2021 Agile Vocalist episodes will take us! Come listen to the stories of Vidya Srinivasan, Betsy Blakeslee, Justin James, Opal Louis Nations and Diva Marisa’s, plus other sound and creativity stories.

The Power of Singing and the Gospel with Mary Ford

Mary Ford found music when her life nearly ended. In this interview, she talks about the power of singing on the body and how she is a midwife for her own vocal gifts when performing. As an accomplished gospel and a capella singer for over 30 years, Mary’s wisdom is a singer and psychologist’s view into the power of sound.


Agile Vocalist is an exploration into the world of sound. It is stories of creatives whose lives and work touch what we hear. It’s a podcast and blog, sprinkled with occasional compact audio memoir (short sound stories). Agile Vocalist  is for people who are curious, creative, and who believe sound nurtures our humanity. Watch the highlight video here! 

Agile Vocalist is created with love by Rachel D. Medanic

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