The Bay Area’s Salsa and Latin Music Powerhouse, a Conversation (part 1 & 2) with Edgardo Cambón

Man smiling and leaning on conga drums. Man is wearing a hat and glasses

Born in 1960 in Montevideo, Uruguay, Edgardo Cambón started his professional career at
the age of nine, singing tangos on public television. He has performed and toured throughout South America, Europe and Africa. Since1986, he’s been in high demand in the U.S. as a performer.

As an LP (Latin Percussion Co.) endorser, Mr. Cambón has performed or recorded with artist such as Jesús “Chucho” Valdés (Irakere,) Eddie Palmieri, Carlos San-
tana, José Luis “Changuito” Quintana, Orestes Vilató, and Salsa Romántica Stars like: Jerry Rivera and Eddie Santiago, Keith Terry and “Crosspulse,” Omar Sosa,
Jeff Narell, Andy Narell, Sovosó (formerly Bobby Mc. Ferrin’s “Voicestra”) Mike
Spiro, Karl Perazzo, Rebeca Mauleón, Manny Moka, Kaweh, Jackie Rago and
the “Sol y Luna Band,” among many others.

Man in hat with face microphone in front of drums with his arms out wearing glasses

Edgardo presents workshops on Afro-Cuban Percussion and Vocals in
universities throughout the U.S.A, Europe and South America. For the last 33 years, he  has led the San Francisco Bay Area’s Salsa/Latin Jazz Band “Edgardo & Candela” where he doubles as Conga drummer and lead vocalist.

Conguero & vocals: Early years leading to salsa and Latin music

In this part 1 conversation, we talk about how Edgardo’s roots and experiences in Uruguay, Argentina, and Amsterdam gave him a musical foundation to bring his talents to the U.S. and eventually the San Francisco Bay Area. Edgardo had a vision to bring his own original music and worked at every opportunity to contribute his unique sound and talents to help create the Bay Area’s still vibrant music scene.

Click the image to listen to Part 1 on YouTube:

Man wearing hat and glasses with beard leaning forward on conga drums, smiling. Text: Featuring Edgardo Cambon. Agile Vocalist logo.

Click the image to listen to Part 2 on YouTube:

Man leaning forward on conga drum wearing hat and glasses Part 2 with Edgardo Camboon.

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Watch Edgardo perform “Si mi suerte cambiara” at La Peña Cultural Center

Add for Fame Venue Thursday night salsa in San Francisco. Graphic of dancers on a dance floor; 8-12pm $15 Cover. Fame Venue in San Francisco

orange graphic that reads Liner Notes

Liner Notes Part 2

Music in Episode 1

Barrio Sur, Edgardo Cambón
Such a Paradise, Edgardo Cambón
Blanca, Edgardo Cambón
Canta Para el Mundo Entero, Edgardo Cambón
Yo Vine a Bailar la Salsa, Edgardo Cambón

Music in Episode 2

Madre Rumba, Padre Son Edgardo Cambón
Palo No Tumba Mosca, Edgardo Cambón
Ayer te Ví, Edgardo Cambón
El Agente 87, Edgardo Cambón
Amores Como Este, Edgardo Cambón
El Flaco, Edgardo Cambón
Rey Sin Corona, Edgardo Cambón

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Episode Transcript:  Coming Soon!


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