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An Odyssey Into Sound in the Performing Arts

Agile Vocalist is a podcast and blog about sound in the performing arts. It features the stories of artists with a California connection who work and create in sound. 


Agile Vocalist is a way for performing arts lovers to be curious, get inspired by creative careers, and to explore how sound connects all of us to our humanity.

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Something is always within earshot when it comes to the performing arts. Agile Vocalist brings an auditory lens to artist stories and creative work. Feel the inspiration an awe when you listen to the artist wisdom and ideas behind what they are creating and transforming in the world through their work. 

The Language That Connects Us with Poet Ali

The Language That Connects Us with Poet Ali

Poet Ali is a poet, compelling performer, lyricist, performance artist and inspirational speaker. His presentations, talks and performances focus on human connection --how we connect with ourselves and with our environments. As a soulosopher (soul + philosopher) and...


Agile Vocalist is a podcast and blog about sound and the performing arts with a California connection. It explores the careers of artists and creative people whose work manifests in the performing arts and through what we hear. Agile Vocalist is for people who value history, inspiration and who are curious about the transformative power the performing arts have to connect us with our own humanity. 

Agile Vocalist is created and produced by Rachel D. Medanic on land of the Ohlone people. Agile Vocalist offers Shuumi in thanks.

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