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Agile Vocalist is a blog and podcast about sound and the work of sound creators. It is for anyone willing to give themselves space to be curious, creative, and to explore the connection between sound and our humanity. 

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How the Arts Help Us Navigate the Now

Agile Vocalist is a podcast featuring sound creator stories that will inspire you to look to the arts to navigate today’s challenges. In light of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions on women’s rights to an abortion and freedom of prayer and expression, you likely feel strong emotions. These artists stories will inspire with questions to ask to get through these challenging times.

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Music for Refugees with Betsy Blakeslee

Betsy Blakeslee has been working with refugees for over 20 years. She’s been witness to the power of music and sound’s power to transform and shift people who have gone through trauma. This episode dives into the brain science behind that and the shifts in people’s lives she’s witnessed.


Agile Vocalist is an exploration into the world of sound. It is stories of creatives whose lives and work touch what we hear. It’s a podcast and blog, sprinkled with occasional compact audio memoir (short sound stories). Agile Vocalist  is for people who are curious, creative, and who believe sound nurtures our humanity. Watch the highlight video here! 

Agile Vocalist is created with love by Rachel D. Medanic

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