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An Odyssey Into Sound in the Performing Arts

Agile Vocalist is a podcast and blog about sound in the performing arts. It features the stories of artists with a California connection who work and create in sound. 


Agile Vocalist is a way for performing arts lovers to be curious, get inspired by creative careers, and to explore how sound connects all of us to our humanity.

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There is almost always something within earshot when it comes to the performing arts. Agile Vocalist explores using an auditory lens so you can hear the stories, feel the inspiration, and experience the awe that artists have to give. Latest sounds are podcast episodes but are sometimes also written works or stories too hard to record in audio. Or, they are ways you can take action to support the arts or understand their relevance, power, and impact on all of us.  

Taking Cello to New Vibrations with Cellista

Taking Cello to New Vibrations with Cellista

Cellista was trained as a classical cellist but detached herself from that label while in graduate school at San Francisco State. There, she was inspired to collaborate with other art forms such as movement and visual artists. While studying musicology she found...

Grace Note: An Arts Podcast Enters Season Three

Grace Note: An Arts Podcast Enters Season Three

Many of us believe in deity. I believe the omnipresence of music and sound gives us all a means to connect with a similar kind of thing: a force, or forces, greater than ourselves. It's because of my listeners, guests and supporters that I'm excited to be heading...

Animal Sounds: Frida and Metamorphosis

Animal Sounds: Frida and Metamorphosis

An endangered species of parrot--right in San Francisco?! I talked to Frida the parrot as she was on exhibit as part of a larger an immersive art experience. This Agile Vocalist episode dives into animal sounds and share a one-of-a-kind recording of my interactions...


Agile Vocalist is an exploration into the world of sound. It is stories of creatives in the performing arts whose lives and work touch what we hear. It’s a podcast and blog, sprinkled with an occasional compact audio memoir (short sound stories). Agile Vocalist is for people who value history, inspiration and the transformative power of the performing arts to connect us with our own humanity. Watch the highlight video here! 

Agile Vocalist is a tribute to the performing arts with a California connection. It is created and produced by Rachel D. Medanic on land of the Ohlone people. Agile Vocalist offers Shuumi in thanks.

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