California Sound Artists Celebrated in Three Years of Agile Vocalist

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February 2024 marked three years (and three seasons) of Agile Vocalist. Amid all the things that have happened since February 2021 when the podcast launched, it’s a lot to be thankful for and leaves much room to celebrate! Clink your goblets of cocktails and mocktails and I hope you join the celebration – details below.

How it started

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Back in December 2020, I scheduled a conversation in my living room over Zoom with an artist I deeply admire: the multitalented Joshua Silverstein. We’d met over the years at arts camp and I knew a conversation about his origin story growing up in Los Angeles and beatboxing around the world, then becoming a teacher would have a lot in it. He finished the episode with an improv soundscape for what was to come in 2021.

How it’s turned out

Picture of men, women and a parrot. Some holding instruments (cello, harp, drums, piano, crystal bowls, sound board, taiko and bachi sticks) that represent the full gamut of 21 podcast guests in 3 years.

Agile Vocalist listener gifts

More than anything else, I hope these stories will inspire anyone listening to connect more deeply to their own creativity. Those private life spaces where we can be alone and feel unwatched (the shower and the car) seem to be the best ways to tap this energy. Wishing you happy creativity sailing.


I have a limited supply of listener gifts available on a first come, first delighted basis. To learn more in the quiet privacy of email about gifts for your car and shower experiences (Agile Vocalist was created in the shower and many people sing in their cars), send an email to: agilevocalist at G mail dot com with your name and address to get a free listener gift. Details will be in the auto-reply to your message.

Click the image below to listen to the anniversary episode:

Cupcake with 3 candles on a fireworks background. Text: Unleash your inner vocalist. Text: Agile Vocalist’s 3rd Birthday episode is here. Get access to free listener gifts plus learn who our next guest will be…

Gifts from guests

One of the best things I’ve seen change as a producer of a podcast is how guests are coming back to me with all sorts of gifts and kindnesses. You see, every Agile Vocalist episode is a story in and of itself- this podcast might be a one-listen visitor for fans of one of my past guests. It can be hard to maintain sustained listenership. But evergreen stories that are a picture of the moment of recording is what this podcast is all about. Most of it remains timeless wisdom that will continue on, whenever its listeners to be find it.

Picture of a card with a California quail drawing on it beside a clothing patch that reads: Island City Waterways and an Amazon gift note message.

One of the most amazing gifts was an in-the-moment rap that vocalist and performer, Tommy Soulati Shepard wrote because he loves the challenge of freestyling. I give it a quick and tiny edit but it was an amazing display of his talent:

Text: Doin this thing For a long while Tryina get my podcast be agile Yes, be a vocalist But not stay pissed About the world that we’re in Cause I don’t wanna miss All the love and the joy The arts they bring us This rap come from above like a dove Mister Emcee Soulati Create in a moment, dope His creativity gives us hope It’s a rhythm of the soul that makes your hands clap Even tho it sounds likes a snap I do it just like that I rap it like this So do not miss… Things comin from the Agile Vocalist

Re-arranged by Rachel Medanic from the original by Tommy Soulati Shepard of Alphabet Rockers.

A California Connection

At the start of season 3, Agile Vocalist shifted to focus on guests with a distinctive California connection that runs through their life and work. Accordingly, Agile Vocalist became “a podcast about sound and the performing arts with a California connection.” The California connection has been expressed in the lives and stories of guests ranging from Point Reyes to Oakland to as far south as Los Angeles.

A big round of thank you applause to my guests, listeners and supporters for their time and attention!  👏 👏🏼 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏾

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