The Rise of a Performing Artist with Tachíria Flamenco

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Mx. Tachíria CarOlé Acuña Flamenco is the 5th generation flamenco & Spanish dancer in her gitano family legacy and has been named “The top flamenco dancer in America” by So You Think You Can Dance Judges.

She’s the artistic director of Tachíria Flamenco’s Danza Comedia Teatro, is a versatile Meisner actor, singer, comedian, modern dancer, choreographer, director, and writer who made her professional debut at the age of 14.

Mx. Flamenco performs, throughout the US and internationally. Website:

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Her Acting and Comedy Branches

This conversation dives into Tachíria’s origins as a dancer who branched out into acting, comedy and singing against her mother’s wishes. We touch on her work becoming a Meiser actor and some of the lesser known history and technical aspects of flamenco.

Tachíria talks about building her comedy repertoire, its intersection with her Meisner training, and how she’s brought her dance background into her work as a comedienne.

She is working on material for her forthcoming (2024) one-woman show. The episode incorporates an exploration of some of the instruments flamenco dancers use, including dance shoes treated with nails (to get the click), a belly cahon and castanets.

Someone dressed in red holding black castanets on their fingers

fake leopard print dance shoes with nails in the heels and toes- used for flamenco

Click the image to listen on YouTube:

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Episode Transcript:  Coming Soon!


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