It’s been a year since the world got assimilated onto this “Ronacoaster.” I researched some about what happens to the body when you scream. I turned my findings into something you can use. You have permission to scream if you need to.

I’d like to express my gratitude for all the people who’ve powered us through the past year:  healthcare workers, essential workers, all those whose work is “now seen.” I am so thankful for them and the perils they faced putting their lives at risk to simply “go to work.”

May we use what we learned and from what culminated last year to correct the systemic inequities we are all part of and still contributing to.

2021 promises a blended reality along with last year’s awakenings. This post is also a tribute to those who are still here, those who lost their loved ones, those who are still home isolated and trying to protect their health as they await the vaccine. You may still want –very much– to scream. These 6 minutes are to say “I hear you!”

Not yet! Listen to the video first, then keep scrolling.

It’s too soon. Keep on going down.

You got to the end, right?

Listen first, then play.

Yes, play.

Be sure you’ve listened to the end of the video first!


You can click here to visit the…



Ahhh, yes! Here is the interactive audio map! It’s just as fulfilling as a scream.

Episode transcript:  Coming soon!

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I get the sense there is more to discover about screaming. Maybe for Halloween? What do you think?