Vidya Srinivasan performing, holding a microphone

Thank you for joining part 2 of my conversation with Indian Classical music singer, Vidya Srinivasan!

In this episode, Vidya shares:

  • Examples and demonstrations of Carnatic and Hindustani music
  • The religious, societal and cultural roots of each type and how music plays an integral part in Indian life
  • Her love of film music and her take on American films (why don’t we have music in our films?!)
  • The role of the artist in business and how her career singing helps with her work in technology as a presenter and at conferences where singing helps her stand out to audiences
  • She talks about how music accompanies her work and times of deep creative work
  • How blessed she was to be able to choose her career. She could be an engineer or be a singer. She chose work as an engineer but… not for the reasons you might think
  • Where and how she gets inspired to work on music

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Episode transcript coming soon!