Animal Sounds: Frida and Metamorphosis

An endangered species of parrot–right in San Francisco?! I talked to Frida the parrot as she was on exhibit as part of a larger an immersive art experience. This Agile Vocalist episode dives into animal sounds and share a one-of-a-kind recording of my interactions with a parrot I went to “interview.” Our interactions proved some of the most varied from any she’d had and marveled her owners, hosts and artists at San Francisco’s Gregangelo Museum.

Animal Sounds

 I have always treasured that I connect so easily with animals and am delighted to focus an episode on the sounds of this one voice. As you listen and read the liner notes, I hope your empathy and understanding will grow. We need to take care of the animal kingdom; they are a lot closer to aspects of our humanity than we realize. 

A Center of Gravity for Artists in San Francisco

I’d like to thank Gregangelo Herrera and Marcelo Defreitas of the Gregangelo Museum for this special opportunity with Frida the parrot. Gregangelo is also part of the career story from classically trained opera singer, Diva Marisa, in a previous episode.

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orange graphic that reads Liner Notes

The Animal Sounds Narrators

  • Narrators 1-3:  David Watt, Rachel Medanic, and Chloë Medanic-Watt
  • Snippets of my over an hour-long interactions with Frida, the parrot
  • Laughter you’ll hear:  Guest laugher, Dayna Gowan, Rachel Medanic, Chloë Medanic-Watt, Frida the parrot

You won’t always know which is Frida and which is a human so…you’ll need to listen!

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Episode Transcript:  Coming Soon!


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