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It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year for me and for Agile Vocalist:  it’s Giving Tuesday! A day for focused philanthropy and awareness of others in need. The arts have been through hell and they aren’t quite back yet–neither are audiences but…you can help as making a donation is one of the best holiday gifts you can give! Let’s put the meaning back in life and shrug off consumerism!

The following list of organizations are the best way you can bring the bucks to Agile Vocalist, a business-model free podcast and blog! I’ll break it down for you about who is connected to whom:

Joshua Silverstein:  My inaugural guest, that beatboxer-artist dude is a long term community member of Cazadero Performing Arts Family Camp! Caz is also a love of Justin James, a forthcoming podcast guest.

Pamela Rose:  A regular teacher with the California Jazz Conservatory and also involved with another groundbreaking org for the arts, Music in Place (founded, like Agile Vocalist was, in the quiet stillness of the global pandemic as a creative resilience for musicians).

Jennifer Hollis:  Founder of Harps of Comfort. Help bring music to people isolated in hospitals and medical settings.

Brian Walker:  Sound engineer at the Freight & Salvage, a center for community music in Berkeley and pillar of the creative community in the San Francisco Bay Area’s East Bay. Also featured in the episode about JackTrip, created by the JackTrip Foundation, is San Francisco Girls Chorus.

Mary Ford:  Career vocalist with Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir. They rock so hard and bathe our souls in the power of sound.

Betsy Blakeslee:  In the upcoming episode about bringing music to refugees, Betsy’s work with Expressive Arts Refuge is a wonderful way to support!

Frida:  And finally, as a celebration of animals, the upcoming episode about animals and sound features a guest who is also a performer with the Gregangelo Museum in San Francisco. Book your immersive tour today and experience the City’s gem that is a hub for working artists and performers.


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