Announcing the Agile Vocalist Fall Season

Group picture of Vidya Srinivasan, Betsy Blakeslee, Justin James, Opal Louis Nations and Diva Marisa (Marisa Lenhardt)

Welcome Fall and welcome to the future Agile Vocalist guests and episodes! Over the coming months, we explore sound in lives of these and other guests.

Fall Episode Highlights

These creators use sound while:  at Burning Man and hanging on trapezes, working on the ground in French refugee camps, on dance floors across the San Francisco Bay Area, in English clubs during the early ’60s and finally, on stage while speaking at big technology conferences.

Listen as Vidya Srinivasan, Betsy Blakeslee, Justin James, Opal Louis Nations and Diva Marisa (Marisa Lenhardt) share their stories and wisdom about how sound impacts health and well-being, as well as drives a deep sense of artistry for these fabulous creators.

Sound sets the tone for nearly everything in our lives and pushes us to engage and participate but much of the time, we don’t hear it–until it’s gone!

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October’s issue features a story about the surprising connection between Adam Driver and Val Kilmer. Can you guess what they have in common?

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Picture of a lit up sign that reads: you are what you listen to Finally, Agile Vocalist is making its way into podcast format. Cook, workout, drive, or [insert another simultaneous activity] while you listen!



Agile Vocalist episodes are now available on Amazon Music, Podbean, and Spotify! Spring season episodes will publish bi-weekly and new episodes will be added as they release.

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Make Fall the mic drop your ears have been crying out for–without adding any pumpkin spice!  🎃

P.S. If you still don’t know if Agile Vocalist is for you, check out the explainer video:


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