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Adapted quote from an original by Jacob Nordby

In the height of California’s drought, a seed called Agile Vocalist washed into my brain. I didn’t think of it in with those words. I called the original concept “Wasting Water.” It was a simple contemplation:  what could be done with sound in a place where my inner vocalist was happiest and most relaxed? The simple act of showering left me (the agile vocalist) bathed in a sea of creative ideas. The only thing missing was a waterproof, yet erasable whiteboard where I could capture the things flowing through my mind. Sometimes 3 things all at the same time. 

Brain science has found evidence that showering and immersion bathing affects your brain, your mental health, and your body. Water cleanses to make you feel like you’ve been through a gentler version of this:

Kjossfossen Waterfall, Norway

Kjossfossen in Norway by RMedanic

Capture the Ocean of Ideas

I never have purchased a whiteboard for use in the shower. Part of healthy creativity is letting go and knowing that not every idea (no matter how close your deadline) is worth taking action on. I know I’m not alone in my love of music and being an audiophile. I also know others also experience the re-energizing balance water and a good shower brings to singers…or anyone for that matter. 


The “agile” part of Agile Vocalist is a gesture to my background working in technology. It’s part play on things I do when I sing and part iterative project management and software development paradigm. I’m not developing software here, but some of what I may be sharing over time may touch your soft places. 

Touch is my second favorite sense after sound. Here’s your moment of mental Zen to imagine. Picture yourself immersed here:

edge of an outdoor hot tub

Thank you for taking this odyssey with me… into sound!

Roses are crimson, sky is azure, Agile Vocalist hopes to create real allure!

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